Car Warranty

When you are purchasing a used car, investing in a warranty makes good sense. There is exciting news for all would-be car buyers in Australia! Formula Cars & Commercials has tied up with the National Warranty Company, to provide a range of warranty plans and products, for all its vehicles.

All the cars that we sell at the advertised price come with a free 1 year drive-train warranty (within the purchase price). This warranty covers all sealed components under the drive train, including the drive shafts, propeller shafts, drive housing, bearings, universal joints, gaskets and seals.

What kinds of warranties do we provide?

Whatever the age, make or kilometres on your car, we can get you a warranty. The best thing is, you can select the warranty according to your budget and the cover you need.

Sentinel warranty - This warranty covers the:

National Warranty Car Cover

You can upgrade this warranty for a fee.

Benefits of Purchasing a Warranty

A warranty brings many benefits in tow. In case your car suffers from a mechanical failure, the cover provided by the warranty will reduce the amount you will finally pay out of your own pocket. Both parts and labour costs are covered. Note that the type of cover will depend on the warranty plan that you have purchased.

There is another reason to purchase a warranty. Since the used car dealer has warranted your car, he has a moral obligation to deliver a quality car.

Car repairs can leave a deep hole in your pocket, unless you have a warranty in place. Some people have even written off their cars because of the potential repair bills. To put it simply, warranties cut your expenses and save you money.

Contact Formula Cars & Commercials to buy a used car warranty

A new warranty can go a long way in making your car ownership experience tension-free. To learn more about the different kinds of warranty supplied and upgrades available or to get a free quote, call Formula Cars & Commercials at (08) 9302 1833. You can also send us a mail at Contact us today, to learn how a warranty can benefit you.

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