Car Finance

A used car has many advantages over a new one. Did you know that a new car loses up to 30% of its initial value in the first two years? Some cars are used very little and if you can get your hands on such a car, you are in luck. If you are looking for high-quality used cars, come to us. The best thing is, we also offer car finance.

We have tied up with several of Australia’s best car finance experts. There is no question that we can get you the lowest rates of interest.

What are the benefits of buying a used car with a car loan?

Used cars don’t come cheap, especially the ones with high resale value. Rather than paying all the money at once, you can pay in fixed monthly instalments. By spreading the payments over a term, you can pay for your car easily. You can also invest in a better car.

Unlike other loans, the APR on most auto loans is fixed. This means that your payments will not increase or decrease according to the changes in the economy. You do not have to worry about the interest rates on your car loan going up or down. We can get your car loan with terms up to seven years.

You have more chances of getting an approval when you apply for a car loan, compared to other loans such as home loans. Whether you are self-employed, casually employed, have just arrived in the country, or had a credit problem in the past, Formula Cars & Commercials can help you nevertheless.

How can you benefit from our service?

There are various options available. When you finally decide on a product, we can get you approved in 24 hours on car loans. In most cases, you may be able to drive your chosen car the day itself. How quick is that?

Pre-approvals can also be arranged, so that you can concentrate on choosing a car.

For customers who do not live in the Perth Metro Area

Even if you are not living in the Perth Metro Area, it is not a problem. The entire process, from loan application to the financial settlement, can be completed on the phone. Later, we will even undertake the responsibility of transporting your car to wherever you are. To learn more, you can contact us at (08) 9302 1833 or send us an email at